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      Livestock breeding
      Sci-tech agriculture and ecological agriculture are the country's strategic development goals. Whether it is natural development to facility development, flat development to three-dimensional development, or mechanical development to automation, the renewal and iteration of agricultural and livestock construction materials is imminent. Take the construction of pig farms as an example. Intensification, scale and automation are inevitable trends, but at present, in China, the degree of intensification is less than 60%, the degree of scale is less than 45%, and the degree of automation is even lower, less than 25%. The series of products provided by our company can effectively speed up the construction of pig farms and are suitable for large-scale automated breeding.
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      Special nylon material for plug plate
      Special nylon material for plug plateIntroduction
      The plugging line is now widely used in animal husbandry, saving labor costs. The special nylon material for plugs provided by our company strictly controls the ratio of raw materials and has a high molecular weight. The chain plugs produced have strong abrasion resistance, good toughness, increase service life and save construction costs.


      Modified nylon material

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