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    1. 至正至正 return


      Liu Hongjun, vice mayor of Hezhou City, visited Guangxi Zhizheng to send warmth

             At the beginning of the year of the ox, Guangxi Zhizheng, which has just started smoothly, welcomed the first batch of distinguished guests. February 18 is the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday. Accompanied by Zuo Chaowei, director of the Management Committee of Wanggao Industrial Zone, Liu Hongjun, vice mayor of Hezhou City, came to Guangxi Zhizheng Industrial Co., Ltd. to learn about the construction of Zhizheng, and extended New Year greetings and blessings to Zhu Jianwen, chairman of our company and all Zhizheng employees.




      Chairman Zhu Jianwen briefed Vice Mayor Liu, director Zuo and other leaders on the operation and production of Guangxi Zhizheng industry in 2020 and its capacity planning in 2021, and thanked leaders at all levels in Hezhou for their concern and support for the company. Vice Mayor Liu fully affirmed Zhizheng's achievements in the past year. He pointed out that in the new year, Zhizheng should continue to develop, based on the favorable business environment in Hezhou, strive for excellence and speed up development, and strive to achieve a "good start". He also learned about the development of Zhizheng and the difficulties and problems encountered in the development, and instructed the Management Committee of the development zone to do a good job in service and assistance for new enterprises such as Zhizheng. I hope you will continue to work hard in the new year, invest in the development of the enterprise with full work enthusiasm, and make new contributions to the economic and social development of Hezhou.


        Vice Mayor Liu also learned with great interest about the project launched by zhizhengxin, asked about the product production process and market prospect, and encouraged us to launch more new products to contribute to the expansion of Hezhou calcium carbonate industry.


       The blessings and encouragement of leaders encouraged Zhizheng people. Everyone said that they would continue to work hard in the new year, strive to promote enterprise development to a new level with fuller enthusiasm, and repay the society with greater achievements.


      The reporter of Hezhou TV station should know that Guangxi Zhizheng industry is one of the representative enterprises of Hezhou City with "many orders, early commencement and tight production tasks". Following the footsteps of vice mayor Liu, he came to Guangxi Zhizheng to interview Zhizheng's commencement on the spot the next afternoon.



      In the end

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